Yoga Classes

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, my classes will empower your mind, body and soul. I try to make them fun and with a free flowing sequence moving with your breath, creating a mediated effect on your mind, whilst challenging your body, calming and centring yourself with the power of your breath leaving you relaxed full of positive vibes.

Yoga Retreats

We offer Yoga retreats both in the UK and overseas allowing you to relax, unwind and revitalise your mind, body and soul. Retreats consist of all things Yoga from free flowing practice, meditation, Paranayama breathing techniques, bespoke workshops, healthy activities with the added benefit of experiencing all the goodness of a plant based healthy diet.

Private retreats can be arranged for special occasions tailored to meet your needs.

Children’s Yoga

“A child’s Yoga practice is a rare opportunity to experience play and focus without worrying about being wrong”.

Children’s Yoga provides children with the capability to cultivate a flexibility of the mind, body, and spirit that encourages them to see the light in themselves and others.

Your child will explore traditional yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation in a non competitive environment and in a fun and interactive way with the use of fun animal terms and props .

Embarking on a magical journey, yoga empowers individuals with self awareness and self confidence whilst increasing flexibility, concentration, physical strength and motor control.

Special Needs Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga therapy for children with special needs can bring extensive benefits to their lives; improving confidence, building strength and enhance communication and interaction with others, resulting in an overall positive impact to their general wellbeing, calmness and self-awareness.

Gentle Yoga poses will improve the the physical benefits of strength, flexibility, muscle tone and alignment, whilst the specialised breathing exercises and relaxation help a child’s concentration, their respiratory system, reduces hyperactivity, fear and stress and releases tension – and the techniques help to enrich the quality and quantity of sleep.

I can provide personalised 1-2-1sessions or small group classes in a warm relaxing environment.


If your employees are working within a highly competitive industry or your students are facing the strain of their studies, stress can build up inside leaving them feeling drained and tired, effecting concentration and performance.

Asher Yoga can help relieve the stress to improve a positive state of mind by delivering bespoke classes including Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Health Coaching. Ranging from weekly classes to Wellbeing Special Events and Retreats, classes can be arranged at your workplace, school, college or venue of your choice.

Existing clients include Walsall College, NHS, Department of Working Pensions, Avery Nursing Homes and Walsall County Council.

PT & Health Coach

“Life is about maintaining a Strong Mind, Strong Body and Strong Soul.”

I believe in creating healthy goals that nourish you, not punish you. If your mind is happy your mood is happy, your body is happy and becomes responsive to change.

Working to together, my aim is to encourage, guide and support you on your journey to find a healthier positive lifestyle.