Asher Yoga is dedicated in providing you with guidance and help as you embark on your Yoga journey. Whether you are an individual new to the practice of Yoga, a company looking to bring mindfulness to your business, a group of friends looking to relax, replenish and revive yourselves on a Yoga Retreat or a parent wanting help to support your child’s development in life, the aim of Asher Yoga is to help you empower your mind, body and soul.



Terrie who is the owner of Asher Yoga and has been working within the health and wellbeing industry for over 10 years. Now living a fully authentic Yoga lifestyle both on and off the mat, Terrie will guide you through your practice with passion, warmth and kindness coming from her heart and soul, leaving you feeling relaxed and replenished.



The practice of Meditation develops a sense of calm and peace and brings mindfulness to the present moment. As we lead busy lives, meditation is a positive step towards honouring your mind as well as your body. When your body and mind are in unison, your soul does it’s own little dance. Allow your soul to do it’s own little dance by joining me on a journey of guided meditation.

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Our Yoga Retreats provide you with the opportunity to relax, replenish and revive your mind, body and soul. Away from the daily stresses of life, you are able to immerse yourself into the wilderness as you embark on a beautiful adventure as Terrie guides you through your Yoga practice, mindful meditation and yummy vegan goodness!

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Spring into Spring 2019

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River Tavy Retreat 2019