A Day of Self Love and Sankalpas

I am full of love and have a heart full of gratitude for such a wonderful day and happy for everyone feeling safe and protected enough in the space being held to hopefully connect with their inner soul and hearts deepest longing! Letting go of pent up emotions and showing themselves some self love and self care. 

The day seemed to flow with ease and grace was it was so wonderful to see the community developing within the room. 

We started with a yummy Pranayama breathing technique Nadi Shodhana, also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing, grounding ourselves ready for the day ahead. We then moved onto a yummy flow that was all about opening those hips, letting go of held emotions and heart opening working with the three chakras; the root, the heart and the solar plexus. It was then time to slow things down with some yin poses preparing us for our guided self love meditation and setting intentions / sankalpas.

Well lunch !! What can I say apart from I had a vegan food baby lol - the lunch arrived and was full of love and goodness prepared and delivered by the ethical food company Birmingham. On the menu was Vegan Lasagna and Vegan Veg Tagine with bean salads and vegan cake! And yes, there was not just one cake but two, a tasty chocolate cake and a yummy apple and cinnamon cake - let’s just say we left with some goody bags!

The afternoon soon flew by with Jen from Revive introducing us to essential oils that are perfect for this season and then using our new found knowledge, we had the opportunity to mix our own Christmas blend in a roller ball which, is perfect for applying before meditation to your pulse points.

With the room filled with a beautiful scent, we had a quick cake and tea break - yes more vegan goodies, Flapjacks and Chocolate brownies loving made by Ellen. It was then time for Sarah from Primal Healing to end the day with an amazing sound bath.

The venue for the retreat was The Manor Museum in West Bromwich and it was just perfect and a pleasure to hold such an event with the high beamed Grand Hall and quirky grounds, making the day even more magical. It was the the perfect place to sit, reflect and give your self the love care and nurturing we often to forget to give to ourselves. 

I can say the day flew by with lots of giggles, tears and love felt by all and left me with that warm yummy glow inside that makes me forever grateful and forever paying thanks to the magic called Yoga.